VIDEO ZONE V - the Fifth International Video Art Biennial in Israel

@ Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
23 -29 November, 2010

'On Each Milestone' is going to screen at Video Zone V, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Exhibition through Competition

@ Aichi Art Center, Nagoya, Japan
21 August - 12 September, 2010

'On Each Milestone' is presented at Aichi Art Center, in an exhibition won by curator Hikaru Miyakawa. (Aichi Triennale 2010 Curatorial Competition). Participate in the exhibition are: Hikaru Miyakawa, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Hoang Duong Cam, Hanae Utamura and Takayuki Yamamoto. Read the "Chuuute" Exhibition Blog


@ Japan Foundation Hanoi
23 July - 4 August, 2010

'On Each Milestone' is presented at Japan Foundation Hanoi as a part of “Emerging Artist Series” project, which aimed to introduce young promising artists to broader audience in Vietnam. This is their debut in Vietnam.

In this exhibition, a 2-channel video titled "On Each Milestone" is shown. It portrays a journey exploring the country of one Camamoto’s characters. On one side of the screen is a half-fictional, half-factual road trip by Camamoto’s family, in which the Camamoto characters are seen to be continuously searching for something not obviously shown. The adventure of the quest brings them many interesting encounters along the way, in an atmosphere that is at once relaxing, humorous yet mysterious. The other side of the screen features a group of Raglai musicians playing and dancing for tourists, performing not only traditional but also popular international tunes, the effect though appearing cheesy, is original and distinctive. Historically, Raglai people were slaves to the Cham of the Kingdom of Champa, who were invaded by Nguyen Dynasty. Their musical tradition and instruments have been promoted as heritage but is often under-appreciated in Vietnam.

At the Opening, Camamoto did an interactive performance art, this time, playing the "motobike keeping service", which is popularly seen in everyday life in Vietnam.

CAMAMOTO in Tokyo, 2009

@ Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan
June - August, 2009

Camamoto collaboration started in Tokyo with a series of live performances and a still-motion video, which is shot by a pin-hole camera. The project was name "Between the Navels", refering to the condition of attached twins inside the foetus.